Holiday Dog Greeting Cards

To this day, I believe it was fate.

In 2017/2018, I had the opportunity to live in the Bahamas for several months. On a beautiful night this past February (it just happened to be Valentine's Day), a girlfriend and I were driving home after running errands.  We were on the highway and spotted a shiny little black puppy bravely darting through traffic! It was a MIRACLE he made it safely across the road to the sidewalk.

We pulled the car over, I jumped out, and did my best to lure him towards me. Nervous and somewhat reluctant, the little puppy eventually came over to me. I picked him up and carried him back to the car. As he sat on my lap, I could feel a strong bond between us. I knew in my gut that I had to protect him, and I would go to any length to do so. 

Valentine (yes, I named him Valentine) has been my loyal companion for almost a year now. We have brought so much love to each other's lives. Don't get it twisted though... he's been a handful & a LOT of work! This is the first time I've raised a puppy all on my own, and adding to the chaos is his background and mentality of having to survive on the streets. Stray dogs can come with a handful of behavioural issues that can come as a surprise. It's still taking time for him to learn to trust & feel safe. A wise dog trainer has since told me these very impactful words: "Sometimes you don't get the dog you want, but you always get the dog you need."  

My brilliant best friend and I have created these Holiday Dog Greeting Cards in attempts of making a small dent in providing dogs with their basic needs. A portion of profits are donated to dog rescue efforts around the world. Please click to shop holiday cards. Thank you for your support!


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